What Are You Experiencing?

The Center for Disease Control...
reports that up to 85% of all illness is caused by toxins in the cells of our bodies and brains.

Dietrich Klinghardt, MD - one of the world's leading treatment experts for conditions related to toxicity - strongly promotes the use of negative ION technology for supporting the cells in the body and brain to release toxins such as heavymetals, chemicals, parasites and fungus that can cause a myriad of illness-related symptoms.

Where do we go from here?

EarthTides is an electronic device ...
that has two modalities. One, an ionizing body detox, which assists the body in getting rid of toxins, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, drugs and heavy metals. The other, a frequency microcurrent device, which assists the body to get rid of fungus, candida, bad bacteria, viruses and other pathogens.
The large pores in the soles of the feet, pores in the arms and the processes of urine, feces and sweat are exit pathways for toxins.
A negative ION detoxification footbath or armbath is an easy and pleasureable way to help the body release toxins and support the body, brain and immune system in achieveing and maintaining maximum health.
Another very important consideration is that EarthTides shifts the central nervous system from a sympathetic 'high alert/stress' state to a parasympathetic 'relax/heal/...and yes... DIGEST' state. It is only in a parasympathetic state that the brain and body can release toxins.


How EarthTides Works
Heavy metals, toxins, chemicals, drugs and pharmaceuticals carry a positive charge in the body which binds them to healthy negatively charged cells. The positive charge must be neutralized in order that the body can release these toxins. This is accomplished by passing 3-4 amps of current through the water with two stainless steel plates. The current of electrons dislodge the outer covalent electron from the water molecule which releases a hydrogen atom and converts H2O to a negatively charged OH molecule which is called a hydroxide. When two hydrogen atoms meet up, they become h2 which is hydrogen gas which bubbles to the surface of the water. The negatively charged hydroxides quickly build a negative potential in the water which neutralizes and sets free the toxins in the body and the body, within 1 to 48 hours, is able to move them out by way of urine, feces and sweat. Some toxins actually leave the body during the session through pores in the arms and feet. An important aspect of the EarthTides is that it creates only negative ions in the water.

Polished Stainless Steel 304 Probes

These probes are polished high quality stainless steel. With these, you flow micro current through different parts of your body which changes it's terrain and fungus, bacteria, viruses and other pathogens are no longer able to stick around.

Water Ionizing Body Detox
Stainless Steel Plates

These plates are very easy to assemble, disassemble and clean. Using only 1 teaspoon of salt, these plates should last for 100 to 150 detox sessions depending on the hardness of your water.

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