What Are You Experiencing?

The World is Changing...
We are at the cusp of a great realisation into the truth of who we are.

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Where do we go from here?

We start by understanding more about our eternal nature...

As we all understand our evolving consciousness and connection with the divine within we move into a state where more joy, more truth, more love and more freedom flood our reality.

These books, recordings, video files are all designed to build awareness of this.

The electra series

7 Books in 7 Moments

The 7 books of the electra series bring awareness of multi-dimensionality, parallel realities, the truth of who we are and the great towers of knowledge that ascended masters peruse. Each book is rich in content and designed to open doors and bring forth great new potentials.
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Stepping Stones - Footprints into the Future

These articles are one page of rich content which will help step anyone forward in understanding life and who they are. These one page mini-teachings are designed to appeal to anyone so they are great to share with friends or family.

Free Downloads

The Greatest Book on Earth
Audio Files

This is an audio book separated by chapter so you can listen to any section you feel drawn to. The information is rich in understanding a version of the New Earth Reality where life and awareness of who we are is vastly different to now. It comes from my journey into the future when I asked specifically to be shown what the earth is like in the so-called future that everyone is talking about. The insights are profound.

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'Live the Greatest Expression of Your Self'

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22 x 5 minute recordings for Creating

Bringing to life anything you want. Topics include:
1. The Magic of Manifestation
2. Aligning with Greatest Potential
3. A Moment of Introspection
4. Embracing Change
5. Keep the Dream Alive and more...

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Diamond Pulse Pro

7 Blue LEDs with an innate frequency of about 457nm (nano-meters) and a generated reflective pulse, create a field in a room that reflects back to you a lttle more joy and a little more love. This creation came as a direct download from the future and is a simple device anyone can use.

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